5 reasons why UfaaveriDhathuru was an incredible trip

5 reasons why UfaaveriDhathuru was an incredible trip

Vulnerable people in any society need extra attention. They need care and love much more than we do. Still, the unfortunate reality is susceptible communities are the most neglected communities in most of the societies around the world. At the same time, it is essential to mention the kind-hearted efforts of some elements in the society. Those simple and sometimes small attempts impact immensely.

UfaaveriDhathuru, a trip organised by Maldives Association for Physical Disabilities (MAPD) on late October was another compassionate enterprise. It was an incredible event with Dhiraagu as the leading partner and with caring assistance from Maldives National Defense Force and volunteers from many other organisations. More than 150 participants including kids and adults with different forms of disabilities, their families and volunteers joined the trip to K. Huraa.


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Here are 5 reasons why UfaaveriDhathuru was an incredible event:

UfaaveriDhathuru was an Opportunity to showcase talents
As oppose to the popular belief, there are a lot of uniquely talented people among the disabled people. Sometimes they are blessed with very different skillsets. All they need is an opportunity to exhibit their talents.


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UfaaveriDhathuru was organised in such a way that kids and adults with various forms of disabilities can display their talents and skills in a friendly environment. The trip was planned with a lot of games and fun activities to give them that chance and even families to introduce and get to know each other.

UfaaveriDhathuru gave media exposure
UfaaveriDhathuru was also organised with an official media partner and a team of media personals from various media outlets. Some programs of the trip were broadcasted live and interviewed disabled people and their parents. This helps to share their feelings and concerns with the broader public and in the process increased awareness. Some of the very interesting stories came out regarding the challenges the families are facing, concerning equality and opportunities.

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Information & counselling sessions
Therapists from both Senahiyaa & Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy (ICP) participated in the UfaaveriDhathuru as volunteers. The professionals conducted information sessions for the families during the trip. They also provided individual counselling sessions during the activities of the trip.


Community Engagement activity
One of the most significant events of the UfaaveriDhathuru was a cleaning program. The program was aimed at involving the kids and adults with various forms of disabilities in the community activities. It gave them a sense of inclusion as a part of the society.


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It was a very successful project. Participants collected several bags of rubbish from the campsite and Kulhi – mangrove – area of the island and most importantly it is now in the process of recycling.


The whole trip was organised with a lot of fun activities and games where kids and disabled adults can learn and enjoy. The UfaaveriDhathuru was also accompanied by a boduberu group to entertain the kids with disabilities.


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This gave them a feeling of appreciation and being valued in the society. Moreover, the cleaning program at kulhi and other site seeing events gave the disabled kids an opportunity to experience preserved habitats and learn about those environments. This is precisely the same experience the school kids would enjoy via camps and other school trips.

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