An amble along the Maldivian beach

How would you feel when you see the white clouds scattered over the blue sky perfectly decorating it with natural design, and the diamond blue sea is calm and harmonious? When the glowing created due to the reflection of sunlight on the seawater embellishes the sea, while tiny waves are crawling carefully through the lagoon dribbling softly onto the white sand playing its music and small colonies of seabirds flying above singing the song? An amble along the beach is one of the best relaxation exercises.


The island, Fuvahmulah is known to have wide sandy beaches / Photo: imthisal

The Maldivian beaches are unparalleled in the world. Its clean and beautiful milk-white sand and the green line of the copse, run around the islands like a ring which mainly consists of long coconut palms and shrubs of octopus bush and beach cabbage. You will feel the aromatic sea smell when you amble along the Maldivian beaches.

An amble along the Maldivian beach (1)

A wave gently creeping over the footsteps at the beach of a Maldivian island / Photo: imthisal

A Barefooted amble along the shoreline on the wet sand will curve a beautiful pattern of your footsteps. It will only last for seconds until waves creep over it and complete its duty of harmonising the sand and replacing your footsteps with wave patterns. However, walking along the shoreline of these gorgeous beaches, wetting your feet with the salty wave foam and glossy sand seeping through the toes is one of the best therapeutic experiences in the world.


Fresh seafoam created by the little waves at the beach of Maldivian island, Fuvahmulah / Photo: imthisal

After long walks, beach visiter often scurried a bit upwards across the beach to escape the gushing little waves, redoing it repeatedly is a delightful game. And if you need a break or once you are done you can recline yourself on the warm sand, or you can enjoy the breeze under the shade of mostly calm and peaceful trees.

Believe me! The walk, the breezes, the aromatic sea-salt smell, the scenery and the whole experience will relax your mind and body like no other.