A new platform for story lovers

When it comes to online materials in local Dhivehi language, be it for academic purpose or entertainment, is still comparatively less. The available materials in Dhivehi language on the internet are less user-friendly, and most of it is even awful. However, there have been efforts lately to provide online readers with quality materials in a user-friendly interface. The vaahak.com is for you if you are interested in reading any kind of Dhivehi story books.

Vaahaka.com is an online platform initiated by a group of youth to provide stories of all kinds in Dhivehi language. The vaahak.com is for you if you are interested in reading any Dhivehi stories or if you are looking for a platform to share your stories with Dhivehi online readers. The website is for story lovers of all ages, be you a writer or a reader. It categorises the stories into several segments ranging from kids stories, through humour to horror and romantic stories as well as series, novels and more.

You can write and publish your own stories through the individual account which can be easily created with just a few steps. And readers can comment on the stories they read. This arrangement is particularly helpful for beginners as the feedback is an essential element for improving the writing skills. Most amazingly vaahaka.com did not charge from either readers or writers.

The website is easy to navigate and pretty fast as well. The user interface is designed in a simple but modish style creating a strong visual appeal. You can search the website, and annoying ads are not found scattered all over. Unless you are looking for more academic kind of writings as opposed to entertainment or to improve your reading and language skills, I suggest you vaahaka.com.

Apart from general readers, students who wish to improve their language skills would find this website helpful. The website provides not only an opportunity to read but also an arrangement where anyone can submit a story and get comments from readers. This serves the purpose of traditional beta readers.

So all the bookworms out there who love to run through Dhivehi books, well you don’t need to hold a physical book now. And those writers who need a platform to stage their skills and wish to improve on that, you all are provided with the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Enjoy Vaahaka.com